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Years playing with bands on the Irish covers and wedding scene means the band know nearly every venue in the country, from castles to hotel rooms to marquees to living rooms in peoples houses we know how to play to a room. Our set comprises of literally 100s of songs, from modern day hits we’re always adding to, with party floorfillers going back to 60s, 70s, 80s, country, motown and a good bit of energetic rock thrown in

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Ph: 085 8294180
eMail: info@pumpedupkicks.ie


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Booking Early

For most couples, booking the hotel and band is a priority for their wedding. Unlike many formula bands in Ireland, there is only one version of Pumped up Kicks, the band you see is the band you’ll get. As soon as you know your date get in touch via mail so we have a record of your enquiry and we’ll get back to you shortly after.

For all our years doing weddings, it still hurts us having to say “we’re booked” when asked for a date by a couple who really want us to play at their wedding. As we get many requests, a deposit secures booking. As we’re members of weddings online, your deposit is secure in the event of anything unforeseen happening.

Many venues these days insist that third party providers have their own insurance, as a professional band we have full Public liability Insurance which we can provide to you and your venue on request. We’re well used to interacting with banqueting managers in venues, start and finish times, noise levels are all handled by us and them. You just have to party the night away.


Usually 2 – 2 1/2 hours. Start times vary in venues depending on how speeches and meals run but dont worry you wont get shortchanged on the times even if you run late, we will never set a finish time based on the clock.
45 mins is the norm for most bands once we have access to the room.
Yes, we are Dublin based but we do travel.
Quite simply no, if we have all the information up front we can quote you based on that information. We are Dublin based so if we have to travel we will build that into the cost. Travel and early set up will incur a higher cost than normal but this will be in the price we give.
Yes we do. In fact, a lot of bookings have come from our DJ who has been DJing on the Irish wedding scene for 20 years. Literally any song, from any genre, will take requests all night through bands equipment. Everything from Maniac to take that to the Venga boys to Bill Hailey with a bit of hardcore rave thrown in if you fancy it. If it makes the dance floor move, it will be played. No one crowd is ever the same so no playlists are used.
While the band itself does not currently, we have worked with some of the best in the business and happy to provide references.

As the band has got more popular over the years, we had to stop giving weddings out as a viewing option. Even if the couple getting married didn’t mind, the numbers were getting larger standing at the back of the room.

We play public gigs 2-3 times a month.  Our diary dates are on our website and regularly posted on facebook, or get in touch via mail info@pumpedupkicks.ie , or our facebook page and we’ll send you some upcoming viewing dates.

Well if you’ve come to see us and know what we do, its all high energy rock and pop that takes from nearly every genre of music. We would prefer if you gave us some suggestions of music you do like to help us tailor the night for you but other than that, let us at it.

Yes we do,  just give us some notice here so we can learn it.   If we think its not doable, we’ll let you know and we’ll play it on cd/mp3.

After you’ve decided we’re the band for you (why wouldnt you?),  confirm the booking with us by bank transfer, cash, visa or paypal, see bottom of web page for links.

Anything else?

Ph: 085 8294180
fb: www.facebook.com/pumpedupkicksband

Because we’re an approved supplier on Weddings Online, your deposit is secure in case of something unforeseen happening.   This does not replace wedding insurance but does give you peace of mind when you book us.

Once you’ve booked the band, head over to the weddings online deposit guarantee web page, read the T&Cs and let them know you’ve booked us.

Secure Booking with Paypal/Bank Card/Visa